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Fusion Control Centre LLC. is a small privately owned company run by Nicholas Vergunst. It all started on the MP3Car.com forums where enthusiasts have been installing full computers into cars for decades. Nick wanted a way to control some relays and read some sensors into his CarPC and none of the solutions that were available were appealing. He created a small board to control relays and read in analogue input sensors and posted about it on the MP3Car.com forums. Quickly hundreds of people were chomping at the bit to also use a board, and so the Fusion Brain was born. After 6 years, the Fusion Brain is now in its 6th version with improved inputs and outputs. Over the years we have added various sensors like temperature, light, distance, and other controls like our volume control device.

Fusion Control Centre's products are used in many different vehicles from your average vehicle, to exotic sports cars, electric delivery trucks, boats and yachts, and even a few small fixed wing aircraft. The quality and reliability of the devices is what has allowed us to last even throughout these uncertain economic times. Our customers know the value of our products and how a well designed product can make your project go faster.

Fusion Control Centre also does custom hardware and software for people that need something similar but different enough to warrant a design. The best hardware design practices are always followed and a quality product is always delivered. We do everything from robotic control boards, home automation, specific car sensor input boards, electric vehicle control panels, hot-tub spa control boards, wireless communication boards, hotel systems, shower valve control boards, musical DJ equipment, audio amplifiers, LED light strips, and much more. Any project big or small can be tackled. We have contacts throughout North America and East Asia to get your custom idea designed, manufactured, and assembled.

If you have any questions or need any support, just email Nick Vergunst at FusionControlCentre@gmail.com. Emails are generally answered within the day.

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