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3-Axis Accelerometer
Monitor and record the G-forces that you experience while driving easily and accurately. The Fusion ..
Ex Tax: $30.00
4 Channel Input Isolator and Voltage Divider
This is a dual function board with 4 separate and independent channels to connect to your Fusion Bra..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Current Sensor [50 Amps Maximum]
This sensor can measure the current up to 50A on any line. Use it to measure how much power your com..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Frequency to Voltage Converter Board
The Fusion Frequency to Voltage Sensor converts a signal between 0Hz and 650Hz into a 0v to 4.5v out..
Ex Tax: $20.00
This is the software that allows you to control and read back your Fusion Brain (Versions 3 through ..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Fusion Brain Version 6
This is the Fusion Brain Version 6. So, what is it? In basic terms, it is a widget that you can plug..
Ex Tax: $50.00
Fusion Relay Mega Board [8 Relays]
This is the Fusion MEGA-Relay Board. It is the big brother of the Mini-Relay Board.   ..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Fusion Relay Mini Board [8 Relays]
This is the Fusion Mini-Relay Board. It's a smallish PCB board with multiple relays on it.   ..
Ex Tax: $40.00
Fusion Rotary Configuration Software Pack
Software to configure the Fusion Rotary Volume Control. This software runs on Windows and requires ...
Ex Tax: $0.00
Fusion Rotary Volume Control
This little device is straight forward and is extremely easy to use.     Instal..
Ex Tax: $34.99
MOSFET Power Output Board
Control your devices through PWM with a Fusion Brain and this Output Board. This is an easy solution..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Photosensor (Light Sensitive Sensor)
The Fusion Photosensor measures ambient light conditions, and sends the information to the Fusion Br..
Ex Tax: $12.00
Fusion's official relay packs offer the easiest solution to controlling your car's systems or anywhe..
Ex Tax: $6.00
Ex Tax: $0.01
Thermometer Sensor [Temperature Sensitive]
The Fusion Thermometer can be used for many different applications, but the most obvious use is for ..
Ex Tax: $8.00
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