Fusion Brain Version 6

Fusion Brain Version 6
Fusion Brain Version 6 Fusion Brain Version 6 Fusion Brain Version 6 Fusion Brain Version 6
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This is the Fusion Brain Version 6. So, what is it? In basic terms, it is a widget that you can plug into your computer via a USB cable and it allows you to control and sense the physical world around you. To control the world, you can use 31 digital outputs to turns things on and off. These "things" include lights, relays, motors, solenoids, or anything else with a switch, dial, knob, or power. And while doing this, you can read the world with sensors on any of the 15 analogue inputs. You can read in temperature, light, distance, position, and many other things. It is a basic voltage input so if you are electrically inclined you can read literally anything between 0v and 3.3v. If you are not technically inclined and that last sentence was jibberish, then don't worry because the sensors are plug and play just like our relays.

This new Fusion Brain (FB) is improved in almost every way over our previous generations. Here are some highlights:

  • 31 Digital Outputs: Each output can sink 500mA, and has a status LED to show state
  • 15 Analogue Inputs: Each input is now a 3.3v 10bit sensor port. Giving accuracy of 0.0032v accuracy versus the current 0.0049v accuracy.
  • 32bit Processor running at 80MHz (80 Million Instructions Per Second/MIPS)
  • 1.88in x 2.9in / 47.75mm x 73.5mm Form Factor: Less than 3mm wider, and 4mm longer than the Fusion Brain Version 4 gains us x2 the amount of outputs and 2 additional sensor ports.
  • Available Case: With the new design comes a new option! The availability of a case to put your shiny new Fusion Brain into. This makes it a complete design with an extra level of professionalism.
  • 92% efficient Switched Mode Power Supply Design, < 1% accuracy
  • Much improved signal routing: The new efficient layout is more professional and more tuned to avoid interference than previous versions. To handle the increased current needs of all those outputs, the layout has been extremely beefed up. You will notice a definate artwork quality about the layout if you look close enough!
For more details visit this link: http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/fusion-brain/144750-new-fusion-brain-version-6-pre-order-now.html
Please note that this is a hobbyist grade product. As such, limited or no documentation is included with it and advanced technical skill may be required to use it.  Help may be available on the MP3Car.com forums or by contacting technical support at our store (email FusionControlCentre@gmail.com). By purchasing this product, you acknowledge these disclaimers.

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